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Century 21 At The Helm

You've heard them all... Other Real Estate Agents have told you "We are the BIGGEST agency in the area - of course you'll do business with us!"  Or, "Because we are small... we will treat you like our only customer" (in fact, you probably WOULD BE their only customer!).  We won't tell you that at Century 21 At The Helm.  Why?  Because just like the story that you were told when you were a child, Goldilocks and the Three Bears - one was too big, another one was too small, BUT only one was Just Right!

Well, THAT is an apt description of Century 21 At The Helm.  Just Right.  Our professional staff of over 20 Agents have the breadth of experience that you need. Led by one of the most trusted Brokers in the region, a Broker with a record of continued success in our home town for over 20 years, our extensive list of satisfied clients speaks to our past success.  In Real Estate, 20 years in business means you've treated people with honesty and integrity and have done right by them... otherwise you wouldn't still be in business.  As they say, "We've Been There and Done That"!

All of our "Agents of Change" choose to be Realtors®, because of the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics, by which our Agents conduct themselves in all dealings with our clients.  This Code of Ethics gives our clients an additional level of commitment and surety of professional representation in all of their Real Estate transactions.           

                                Mission Statement:

We will treat our clients like family while helping them achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership.  We will assist those we represent with professionalism while we help them meet their goals in the buying and selling of Real Estate.  We will be honest and principled in our deeds and actions towards all parties involved and we will have fun while we serve our clients with integrity and passion.